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I think the controls are really bad and it’s getting on my nerves but, what’s good about the game is that it keeps me entertained and busy so it’s stupid to have a great game but really hard flipping controls 🦍💨💨🦍💨💨🦍💨🦏💨💩💩



This game is dodo

This game has bad controls and the first level is way to hard

Great, except.

Can we please be able to do a spin after we do a tuck!

Good game, one problem.

Good game! Details are beautiful, one problem. It is hard to complet with the bar swing. Maybe make the landing spot farther? I would appreciate that. Keep up the development!


How do you spin and add tricks? I can’t figure it out

I wish I could run

Also whoever said this game is sexist is a goof😂


This game is amazing, there is no parkour/flips game you can find! I’ve been searching all day buying different parkour/flip games and this was the best one! My only complaint is minor though. I was just wondering developers if u could make a system on free mode where if u fall and fail you can pick the character up and drag him around and if you make the flip on free mode keep on doing flips and there is a button to restart that obstacle. Thank you!

Needs more things

I would love to see a trampoline gamemode! Also I think you should be able to further upgrade the rotation speed and jump.

Super fun but needs some polishing/further development

Love the game, but there are a few errors, mostly in the text that gets displayed at the end of each level (incorrect level names, experience points, etc) Also, the 8 levels do take a bit of time to go through, but after they are over, the game has little replayability, so I would really love if more levels got added because the mechanics of the game are really good. Finally, one feature that would be awesome would be a way to design your own levels, and share them on the app for other people to play. If the developers had the resources/capability to do all this I guarantee the app would blow up

Fun but terrible

The game is fun but terrible because I can’t even get past level one.I would love to have a mode were you can do parkour any way you want.So what I mean is that I would like to have a free play mode.

I payed for this game

I payed for this game and you guys dump it and make a second one, what kind of bs is that?!


This game is the best game of all time. I totally recommend this to anyone bc everybody should love this game. I sure do. The only addition to the game that would be amazing is if the game had release moves. So release moves are when you let go of the bar and do a trick like a back flip and you could catch onto the bar again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME.

Too difficult.

From the video on the game’s page, you’d think this to be a fun, Semi-Challenging parkour game. This game is not that. It is merely a glorified flipping simulator, and is TOO DIFFICULT. I have been on Level 1 for two days with no chance of beating it anytime soon. Do not buy this game.

Stupid horrible game

This game is way way way way way way way way way way way way way to ragey. This game is the dumbest stupidest most terrible game ever made!!!!


Just bought this game and can’t even get past level 1. No matter what the character always falls. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

Best parkour and freerunner game!

I am a freerunner and know how flips work and this matches it exactly! So real and fun. It's been the best parkour game I've seen on the app store.


The preview of the game looked good but the purchase was a mistake, the game is bad. It’s just a knockoff backflip madness.


Game is challenging but doesn’t offer very much, Should be free.


The game is good but the only thing I regret about buying this game is having lives

Fun but boring


Added pop up

After I installed this game, I kept getting “you won an amazon gift card” pop up relentlessly. I cleared browser cache, etc and it continued to happen. Once I deleted this game, the pop ups didn’t happen again . . .

Make an update

The game is great but the developers aren't so good.they need to make a lot more updates

It’s good but sexist

I’m sorry to say but this game is really fun but also sexist because girls can play this too but I don’t get why there’s only boy characters there should be girl characters too I should know because I’m a girl and I play this - Drop the mic 🎤

It is a good overall game,

It is good accuracy, the graphics are 4/5 rating, they could of added a better background, I like how there is a free mode, normal and a arcade mode. It also gives you task, they are easy. They should put more task and harder task. They should make more than like 8 missions, I completed it in 4 days. I REALLY RECOMMEND GETTING THIS GAME!!!!! Super fun


This game is freakin impossible and it’s pissing me off. It says lvl one but there are like 5 mini lvls in each lvl and if you fail you have to start over not worth it at all.

In a word; Bad

In two words; Really bad.

Pretty fun game.

Add more things. Really good game though!

Hard but fun

I love this game, but some levels are too hard. I've only had this game for a week but I love it. I've been stuck on level 4 though for TOO long. The last obstacle on level 4 is too hard and it's so annoying how much I've tried to get past that level. I also don't like how you only have 3 lives.


how do you change the mode from normal mood to something else

Amazing game

This is the best flip/free running game out there. In the future I would like to see more tucks, new maps, multiplayer mode and more. I think one thing that should be added is a create your own map mode for the people who have complete the game (got all tucks, completed maps with 3 stars) this will encourage them to keep playing the game and make it not just get boring. Parkour flight is awesome keep up the good work

Slow motion

I would love a so mo button in this game can you guys please try to add it but overall fun game a little hard but I like it

Not Really Parkour

Another ‘Backflip’ game.


i got this game because i thought that it was going to be a fun game! but it is way to hard and it makes my mad so if you can make the controls a little easier that would be great but for now i’m deleting it.

Good time killer

Really fun it’s like a better version of backflip madness. Would be a 5 star game but I can’t figure out how to turn off the horrible awful loud drum music and leave on the rest of the sound effects

Its good

Its as good as a weiner

Good Simulation

The physics are pretty great and the form is really good. It just needs more. If the developer is reading this, you should add twisting moves and frontflips. Also make it so in free mode when you land a flip you can flip from the spot that you just landed instead of resetting. But it's still a good game nonetheless, could just use a little more.

Very good

This is extremely good game 10/10

Fun but hard

The last part on the first level is hard as crap you cannot land with out losing and they need to make the lines a little bit farther apart from each other on the last stage on the first level.

Love it!

I love the game the only thing could be if you add multiplayer to play with your friends and add more maps because I passed the game in 2 hours, great game.

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