Parkour Flight App Reviews

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Good Simulation

The physics are pretty great and the form is really good. It just needs more. If the developer is reading this, you should add twisting moves and frontflips. Also make it so in free mode when you land a flip you can flip from the spot that you just landed instead of resetting. But it's still a good game nonetheless, could just use a little more.

Very good

This is extremely good game 10/10

Fun but hard

The last part on the first level is hard as crap you cannot land with out losing and they need to make the lines a little bit farther apart from each other on the last stage on the first level.

Fun but needs update

The game is great but it needs way Higher jumps,also they should add spins like front 180 or front 180 to backflip, also they should give an option to flip super slow like a slow layout gainer, but they need to make a huge jump where you can do like 10 flips,

Love it!

I love the game the only thing could be if you add multiplayer to play with your friends and add more maps because I passed the game in 2 hours, great game.

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